8 May 2013


As a teacher of English as a Second Language I want to thank all of you that, with your work, make cinema and television in English closer to those that are learning the language: subtitles maker. Thanks to you all I can encourage my students to start watching films and series in the original language. Spain is a country where we still add Spanish voices to the original dialogues. That makes people more difficult to get familiar to the original soundtrack. Our education authorities come with different ideas, all of them in the search of getting the right way for Spanish students to learn English more efficiently. None of them are proving to be right. We start the learning of language at 5. The fact is that my 12 years old don't know much English. It is not about creating new education laws, it is about changing the reality of how foreign languages are introduced in our country. And lets face it, television is the most powerful tool. We already know that in countries where they use original languages on television, children get familiar with foreign languages the same way they get familiar with their own. That is why, for example, in Holland, for children to be able to speak in English is quite normal. So, now, for us teachers of English in Spain, it is a hard task to encourage our students to watch films in English. And this is the reason why we have to thank subtitles makers their task. They have become a really good help to us. Thanks again.
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