3 Feb 2009


This could be called "How to divert the teachers concern about Education for Citizenship in Comunidad Valenciana".
The teachers of English that are involved with the problems related to the new subject, Education for Citizenship, that was supposed to be taught in English in Comunidad Valenciana, have been given the option, together with the Philosophy teachers, not no teach the subject in English.
But, the authorities concerned don't want to accept that they are wrong about the use of the English language, so, we were asked to fill in a form where they ask us if we think that our High School is ready to start a process of bilinguism that would mean to teach other subjects using the English Language.
The form was written in a special way. It doesn't allow us to explain anything. They just ask you to mark Yes or No and if NO, just mention how long would it take.
The fact is that bilinguism should start at younger levels, in primary education. When the adquisition of a foreign language starts at a later age, that cannot be called bilinguisim. Bilinguism means to speak two languages with the same level of competence. That can only occur when the students are learning their mother tongue.
The fact is, this is getting ridiculous. When are they really going to listen to us, teachers, before taking any decissions related to education? Haven't they proved enough that they don't know anything about the real education? Maybe they should go back to school and learn.
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