20 Jan 2009


I'm a teacher of English in Comunidad Valenciana and I've been directly involved in all the turmoil around the new subject Education for Citizenship that in our region has to be tought in English language.
All of us agree with the fact that our second year of Secondary Education students don't have the necessary understanding of the English Language to follow this subject. We even have to consider that they can't in most occasions understand many of the ideas in their own language, as they are too abstract for that age.
It seems that the only person that believes the opposite is our Conseller de Educación Mr. Fondemora.Maybe they should have their feet on the ground and before taking this kind of decisions, drop by our high schools (not the private but the public ones) and talk to us and know our students.
Open your eyes, Seños Conseller! If you want our students to learn English properly, why don't you provide us teachers with the necessary tools to do a better job as: small groups, computers, whiteboards in all our classrooms so we can project Powerpoints... That's the right way to improve education, no teaching other subjects in English with 30 students per class.

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